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5000sq feet for 2 adults, 1 teen, 3 elementary-age and 1 baby......way tooooo big!
This is so true! I just sold & passed on $$$$ worth of seemingly-awesome waldorf and montessori toys. Why? Because my kids collect sea glass, rocks, branches, acorns and use craft materials to make their own toys! They use old halloween costumes for dress-up and spend most of their time outdoors or drawing! Kids don't need stuff....at all!
do you have a pic of the room? how about using a hearth gate?
To the OP:   Just got an email from Net Nanny. They have a free webinar that you can sign up for: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/828480594 You might want to check it out. We have Net Nanny on the computer that our DD13 uses and I highly recommend it! 
this! E just had homemade chicken soup and a very small piece of homemade sourdough bread for lunch. I threw the soup in the blender to chop it up a bit.    I generally give egg yolks and fruit in the morning. Lunch is a protein and veggie mix sometimes with fruit too. Dinner is protein and veggies.    So far he's tried.... Organic proteins: grass fed ground beef, free range chicken, free range turkey, ham, sunflower seed butter, egg yolks Veggies: squashs, kale, carrots,...
thanks for sharing! It gives me hope...and suggestions to try out!  
My 5 siblings and I are all 18-20 months apart and it was awesome growing up with some many "friends" to play with. The only downside being the only two girls ended up 8 years apart...that was hard for my sister and me but today, we're close!
Two of my kids are 16.5 months apart. We survived and really, it wasn't too bad early on! I did hire a mother's helper for the first 6 months though. Today, the are 6 & 7 and I love witnessing their super close relationship
looks like eczema. use coconut oil or shea butter to soothe. eliminate all forms of dairy and avoid soy as well since they are often both the culprits. use coconut milk, vegan butter spread, coconut milk yogurt and well there really is no super yummy cheese substitute!
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