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Quote: Originally Posted by BarefootScientist FRIDAY?!! You'll know way before then, girl. Come on...throw us a test. Tomorrow morning, FMU. ditto!! Friday is a long way away...you'll know by Tuesday for sure! Sooner if you test how did you get the 5,4,3,2,1,T on your chart?
Quote: Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes n I pretty much get over it and and am ready for a new cycle, a new chance. Every month we get to try is a month we have w/just DD, and a month we get to have fun trying. I do the same thing...every month I'm not pregnant is another month to lose some weight! I only have 14lbs left to reach my goal. Of course I could easily take 10 of those off like I did in the past with morning sickness It could go...
Quote: Originally Posted by BHappy hi all, still here! No ! Feeling a bit crampy right now. Not really af crampy though. More twingy like. Tender bbs. I'm not testing because I just can't handle it. I'd rather wait until it becomes clear. I've never had a 13 day lp so I'm beginning to allow myself to be hopeful again. OMG! Exciting....how long will you wait to test? Did you stop temping??
The problem is probably with the cover. G diapers ALWAYS leak for me! Always! Try Thirsties covers. You can get the Duo Wraps and either use the G diaper inserts you already have or get a couple dozen of cotton prefolds (greenmountaindiapers has them!)
Quote: Originally Posted by BHappy 11-12 days is my normal LP. I thought I *might* have seen the faintest tinge of brownish when I wiped earlier. Nothing since. No cramping today so far. Keeping my thoughts neutral... I went thru major bummer yesterday. I'm appreciating all of your + thoughts!! hope tomorrow brings good news!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by jeninejessica Ok ladies... I have a question. Not that I don't love my new BD thermometer.. but how the heck do I turn this thing off!! Eevrytime I try it just beeps and beeps and beeps at me, until finally the thing auto shuts off. It doesn't happen to be the Rite Aid kind, is it? Mine does the same thing so I want to know too!
Quote: Originally Posted by BHappy back off Still dry this a.m. 12dpo. how long is your luteal phase?? Test time!
Rambling over here...back to your regularly scheduled program!
Quote: Originally Posted by BarefootScientist Yeah, that was the theory. Same theory with freezing. Someone on the One thread suggested it a while back so I had to do the experiment. I didn't boil it though, just heated it up to about 50 C, but I guess the proteins still denatured! I seriously thought you were kidding! You're too funny! Anyway, thanks for indulging the weird Mothering mamas with test pics! It's official! Congratulations!!!
DDCC I bled off and on for 10 weeks with my 2nd. Hoping that is the case with your baby (not weeks of bleeding of course--but that your baby is OK)!
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