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Does anyone have problems with fruit flies in their bins? I am just going crazy with the swarm in my kitchen. I've added more paper, put out fruit fly traps, sucked them up with a vacuum, but they just come back.
Quote: Originally Posted by goldfinches Sounds like you've invented a cool bin! Do you have trouble with smashing your worms when you slide out a drawer or do they not crawl through your drainage holes? I've never had a problem with this because of the way the drawers stack. There are no holes on the sides of the drawers where they slide in and out, only an inch or so further in where nothing touches the drawer as it slides in and out. If a...
Quote: Originally Posted by northwoods1995 ex-stasis---I love that drawer idea! Any chance you have pictures of your setup? Do you have worms in all of the drawers or how does that work? Thanks! I don't have any pictures; sorry! It really just looks like the drawers I linked to, except the clear part is dark green. I kept the opaque white parts white. For a long time I only had worms in one drawer because I didn't have a lot of worms. But I...
I made our worm bin out of one of these plastic storage drawer towers: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...SIN=B000MPQ2S2 I couldn't find one that wasn't clear, so I did have to spraypaint the outside of each drawer (dark green) and drilled holes in all the drawers except for the bottom one, which is for catching any excess liquid. It looks cute and was a fun project.
A cheaper way to get cat pee smell out of something is to use straight hydrogen peroxide. I discovered this after spending a fortune on urine odour removers from the pet store and then looking on the ingredients list for one of the "natural" ones--turned out to be water and peroxide.
I've gotten all kinds of sprouts in my indoor bin. It's really neat, isn't it? I've read that throwing avocado seeds in your worm bin is the easiest way to grow an avocado.
That link was very helpful. I'm planning on planting a three-sisters garden for the first time as well, so the diagrams were great.
Does anyone do urban homesteading in toronto? or know someone who does? or perhaps you've done some lifestyle adjustments to lighten your footprint? I'd really like to talk to anyone out there who would like to be part of a series of articles on urban homesteading. PM me please! or email me at my username at operamail.com Thanks!
One bad review here for the Phil & Ted's, but I would urge you to consider it, especially living in Toronto. If you're thinking of having another baby in the future, the Phil & Ted's is the only double that will easily fit on the TTC and in stores. I wish I'd gotten it for my first and saved myself a bunch of money on all the others I ended up getting rid of later.
I just wanted to chime in here and say that I'm so envious of those of you who are actually doing this. I love living in the city, but I want to do it "country-style"... we are in an apt right now... so this is all in the future for us. I love reading this thread though...
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