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Something to look into is anerobic fermentation using Pickl-It jars! Lots of people switch to this method after using mason jars for fermenting.
My only advice is that it will pass and if you have him in a bucket seat, have you thought about moving him to a convertible one (that would fit a tiny one like the Graco My Ride or True Fit, etc)? I've read that some babies are happier in convertibles. Myself, we had the convertible from the get go and it never made a difference...she still cried in the car. I ended up just using the car the least amount as possible (ie-asking family to run errands, etc) until she was...
Is your baby tongue tied and/or lip tied? Have you tried a nipple sheild for the right side? My supply went up and down until I had my baby's tongue tie & lip tie seperated.
TT is suspected to be linked to a damaged gut
I also agree w/ searching for a cranial sacral/bodywork therapist in your area. There is also a very active tongue tie group on Facebook that might be helpful: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/tonguetiebabies/?bookmark_t=group   Good luck to you! Your baby girl is very lucky to have you for her mama :)
Yeah!!! I came back just to check to see if you had your baby. I'm so happy for you!! Good for you for listening to your gut/intuition. Your baby picked his perfect birth day. Congrats on your VBAC and enjoy your babymoon. Love the advice/support we mamas can get here on MDC!
If your water hasn't broken and baby heart tones are good....wait! I just had my 3rd vaginal birth and my labor had started and stopped over the course of 3 days (more prodromal I think). At some points, ctx were very close together and moaning through them etc. I had used some homeopathics to speed up labor and it worked for a bit but then I stopped them. I was offered the castor oil but refused. I also refused all internal checks and the offer to break my water. Also,...
I wouldn't start solids either until they're showing more signs of being ready. Just a thought...maybe you could increase YOUR intake of fats??
  Hmmmm...I haven't heard of that...actually the opposite. Maybe it depends on the baby. My 2nd baby who had food allergies had green frothy poops. I have oversupply this time and baby gets just green poops if I'm not careful about when I switch sides. No food allergies this time because I'm already avoiding everything allergenic.
Green poop in bf baby is always (I have not read anything different) an indicator of either food sensitivies (foods that mom is eating) or hindmilk/foremilk imbalance. I've experienced both of the above w/ different babies. I fixed them both. Sounds like food sensitvites and damaged gut esp w/ the blood. I would stop the grains and wait until at least 1 yr (more like 2 yrs really) to reintroduce them. And I would try an elimination diet for at least 6 weeks for yourself...
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