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I did the same thing as you (took FCLO for awhile and figured it would be enough vit D). After my blood test, it showed I was low too. I take both FCLO and Carlson liquid vit D now.
We're due almost the exact same day. It's also my 3rd and I've been having lots of "practice contractions" the last 3 days. Didn't have this w/ the other 2. I wonder if we'll go early?? :)
Kirkman Labs Pro-Bio Gold Hypoallergenic probiotics :)  
The gas could definitely be from yeast die off. Also, raw apples upset my stomach too sometimes...cooked apples might be better (and later w/ butter & cinnamon...yum!) Coconut flour is legal I believe. I think it's a better choice than almond flour unless you soak your own almonds, dehydrate them and then grind them into flour. Bone broth is at the top of the list for healing the gut. You won't be getting ahead if you don't use it...sorry to say. My 6 yr old dd...
Hmmmm...maybe talk to her about her reactions to certain foods, the ear infections etc and how the GAPS can help overcome those issues? Also, the fits that she's having is most likely from the die-off/healing. The die-off/healing makes kids and adults really cranky!   The pancakes...I don't have a recipe (a friend has my GAPS handbook) but if I remember it's cooked/pureed zucchini, coconut flour and coconut oil (or butter) mixed together maybe?  
I think GAPS is a great discussion! I'm curious so I'm posting Q & A:   Why are you wanting to do the GAPS diet? I wanted to do it because my 6 yr old refused to eat anything but beans/rice and honey/almond butter on sprouted wheat bread. Very little veggies and no meat. And she was very hyper almost all the time (acting out, screaming, not being able to sit still). And my 2 yr old still needed to heal her gut from her sensory issues that still lingered.   If you...
Hi there!   I love talking about the GAPS diet. We did GAPS intro a year ago (did the intro for 6 weeks) and have continued to stay on full GAPS foods since (well, 97% of what we eat is GAPS legal). It was myself, my then 6 yr old and 2 yr old doing the GAPS. I highly recommend doing the full GAPS first for at least a month or so, then moving into the intro. There's also a very active GAPS yahoo group with lots of info.   I found the intro much easier (cooking...
organicviolin, that's great that you have made changes to feel better! I healed my thyroid via a cleanse and then colonic where my liver was massaged (releasing toxins built up in the liver allowed my thyroid to heal itself). But wouldn't recommend doing it while nursing.
Just reading this thread now but wanted to mention to sosurreal09....have you tried the GAPS diet for your DD? Great way to help heal gut issues.
Those symptoms sound very promising! And yes, the extra discharge is a classic sign of pregnancy :) Sending sticky baby vibes your way...
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