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Are you having cramping while nursing? I only have experience w/ a very early pregnancy, 5 weeks, where I was still nursing DD1 1x per day. Everytime she nursed, I cramped like AF cramps. When not nursing, I didn't have them as much. I stopped nursing DD1 (she was 3 yrs old and almost done anyways) but I ended up m/c anyways. My pregnancy could've already been doomed even before adding bf in the mix but still I always wonder.
You could try steeping fresh garlic cloves in hot water and strain out and drink w/ a bit of honey? I haven't tried this but I've seen something like this suggested. Something in the future you could make and have on hand is the Modern Day Plague Tonic. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message778229/pg1   Oh and in the future too for preventative, vitamin D (6000-8000 IU daily).   Hope you don't get it though!
Yes, I had this too but earlier in pregnancy. It's really strange and esp when you feel that you're the only one!  It was during my last pregnancy and it was from 13-16 weeks if I remember correctly. This was a new issue to my mw. I learned how to do the Mayan abdominal massage on myself from another local midwife and did that daily until it resolved. It's great to do anyways (which I need to start doing myself).   I'd recommend checking out this website to see if...
5 yrs 3 mo
Whey & hemp protein powders. I don't digest beans very well so I make huge pots of lentils.
I think there is somewhere. You could search for it. We're doing a TF, modified GAPS, little to no nuts diet. I'm 23 weeks now. I do bone broth daily. Liver 2x's per week.
I want to say my DD1 did that around that age a couple times at night. Can't remember what I did to change it if anything. Only suggestion I'd say is to move dinner and/or bedtime snack to earlier?? Wake him before you go to bed or set the alarm to have him go potty after 11pm or the like to give him a chance to poop on the potty??
Here's one that looks really nice and a GREAT price!   http://www.overstock.com/Sports-Toys/TreeHaus-Wooden-Play-Kitchen/6278337/product.html?cid=123620
Great deal! Is that the G3 one? Where did you get it from?
Want to have your vitamin D level tested but can't spend more than $40?? Well on Friday you can order a vitamin D test (you have 6 mo to use it) for only $39!!! It will be from this website: www.directlabs.com and the test is called Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy. You order your test online, then get your blood drawn at your local Lab Corp and then they will post your results in your account online. Very simple!   Thought I'd pass this along as adequate vitamin D level is so...
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