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DDCC here. Nutritional yeast maybe for B vitamins.
I've used ProgonB by Bezwecken sublingual progesterone sucessfully during pregnancy. I got it at iherb.com The price is very affordable. 8 pellets is equal to 105 mg of progesterone. Progesterone cream wasn't strong enough (and hard to get enough in dosing) and I found the ProgonB to be the perfect solution for me. I also used it to fix a LP defect and my LP was longer using the ProgonB vs prog cream. You may not even need 200mg a day the whole time. You can have your...
Sure! What you do is soak the brown rice overnight in water (16-24 hrs) and then save 10% of the soaking water and dump out the rest of the soaking water, putting in fresh water to cook it. Put that 10% in the fridge in a container. Then the next time you soak brown rice, add that 10% soaking water from before and add a bit more fresh water. Then again, save 10% of that water just before cooking. I think by the 5th time, you get up to 96% phytate reduction.    
We have a mini-van. We had a Toyota Camry w/ 2 kids before and it was great. But once we got our 05' Toyota Sienna, we were like, "wow, we should've gotten one sooner". Though, we don't have 3 kids yet. But reasons why I love my mini-van: Lots of room for more people, drives great and is very easy to manuveur...I can park it much easier than the Camry, lol!, I can put furniture, etc like it was a truck (VERY quick and easy to put the seats down flush) and love the safety...
We use Country Save (cheaper by the case on Amazon or you can get it at vitacost.com) for all our laundry including cloth diapers
Thank you both for your replies. Anyone else?? Or what are you plans?
This is our 3rd dc and I'm trying to plan a better babymoon this time (had none the second time) and had a pretty good one the first time. I'd like to have 2 solid weeks of laying around in bed, nursing the baby and snuggling w/ my family. Then 3 weeks of a gentle transition to full time mom again :) I've thought about hiring a post-partum doula but thinking mabye not. DH will have 2 weeks off but in the past he's not much help. I do have a great like-minded mama...
Just wanted to reply back that since I started drinking my raspberry leaf tea there have been almost no tightening and none that are like menstrual cramps. I forgot how much RRL helps!    
YES, I have too! It started out as just tightening like when I get up out of bed but now it's just random and it sometimes feels like menstrual cramps. This is my 3rd so I assumed it was because of that. It's not because I've done too much or dehydrated...just how my body is acting this time around.
No u/s scan here either. Had one w/ dd1 (hospital birth w/ CNM and didn't educate myself enough then), had a hb w/ dd2 and no u/s (or doppler even except 1x for daddy to hear it). Doing the same again w/ this pregnancy as with my last pregnancy.   My reasons: I don't want to expose my baby to u/s as it's not been proven as safe. And I feel that u/s are not 100% reliable in detecting abnormalities/issues. Sometimes (and I hear about this more and more), it picks up...
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