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I'm 17 weeks and my 3rd pregnancy. Compared to my last pregnancy where I was feeling daily kicks, rolls etc at this point I'm feeling almost nothing. I feel little tiny taps every other day or so but nothing signifigant at all. When I can find the heartbeat on the fetoscope it's really loud (to me) so I'm thinking it's not the placenta in the front that is causing me to feel hardly any movement so I'm not sure why...just a mellow baby???
Thank you for your experience bluebutterfly! I *just* got back from a lecture from a local holistic pediatrician. He explained the importance of vit d. He mentioned MS, fibromialgia and several other auto-immune type diseases that can be prevented/reversed w/ vit D. He even told his story that he had allergies in which he received shots until he was 30 yrs old. Then started supplementing w/ vit D (his level of vit d was 16 at the time). He did a diet elimination and found...
Sure can! I straddled 2 DDC's last time since I was due at the end of the month and went late the 1st time :)
Why not do both? Baby shower first for mainstream crowd then mother blessing for the rest  :)
My kids take the unflavored FCLO w/ a bit of water mixed and dd2 uses a straw. I like the flavor of the peppermint but dd1 doesn't. Mixing w/ water makes a HUGE difference.
Yes, but there's also the section where he talks about making a brown rice "starter" (or something like that) where it removes up to 96% (I think that was the #) of the phytates. That's what I do now and it's the only grain we eat.
Carlson vit d drops are great for kids! Suspended in coconut oil and there's almost no taste in 1 drop. I give my kids 1000 IU but they have 400 IU drops too.    
JMJ-you should post this in the I'm Pregnant forum too so other mamas see it too.   Great info! Optimal Vit D is near and dear to my heart.   I did an experiment before I got pregnant for 4 months where I just supplemented w/ double dose of FCLO and then had my levels tested. Surely because I live in FL (sunshine capital) and I was taking double dose of FCLO and taking prenatal vitamins that I'd have optimal vit d level, right? NOOOOO! It was 32! Optimal is...
I mix mine in a bit of water and drink down
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