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Although we'll EC again, I know we'll be using alot of cloth diapers during the newborn stage and part time. I can't wait to cloth diaper a newborn ! I have TONS of prefolds and a decent amount of covers. I have my beloved stash of custom Mutt newborn fitteds I'll use. I'll get a dozen of Kissaluvs fitteds , love those! And I've been looking at the new Kissaluvs AIO newborn for nighttime. I'm going to keep my eye out for seconds of those.
This is my 3rd and I haven't felt much movement from inside since 10 weeks. And I haven't felt it from the outside yet either. The placenta moved and I feel almost nothing. I'm 15 weeks. Last pregnancy, I was definately feeling consistent movement at this point. Looking forward to feeling definate movement soon :)
I did do alot this time diet wise for gender swaying. But won't know if it "worked" until baby is born :) And as far as cravings go, I don't get any during pregnancy really so can't comment on that part.
Congrats...sticky baby vibes to you!
Yes, that sounds very strange to me. I would agree that it sounds like they've seen it on TV or heard an older teenage sibling talking about it. Or I almost wonder if one of the other girls is getting sexually abused. I would be on high alert regarding these talks these very young girls are having w/ your daughter.
Awwww, congrats! I haven't heard the hb yet either but keep trying w/ the fetoscope (I'm 14w). I found it at 16w last time.
Welcome :) And congrats on your pregnancy!
 You're welcome. BTW OT- can I mention how much I love MDC? I've learned so much here that I would've never known otherwise. I love sharing info w/ others because of how much I've gained from reading theirs.    
Yeah, there are not many convertibles that fit newborns. It's kinda sad you have to be your own detective to get a convertilbe that truly fits newborns. Off the top of my head I know the Graco My Ride and First Years True Fit fits newborns. I have a My Ride for my now 3 yr old and LOVE it. I'll be skipping the bucket too this time and getting a My Ride. carseat.org is a great forum to visit to get a good list of choices. Oh and of course the Family Safety forum here on...
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