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Maybe try more magnesium? I like Peter Gillham's natural calm. Works great! Epsom salt baths are good too.
Lurking from the March DDC :)   Just make sure your Triumph seat isn't expired (most seats are only good for 5 yrs). And I don't know about the Triumph specifically but most convertibles do NOT fit newborns...even if they say so (Britax for example does not fit newborns). Reason for this is because of proper angle (need the proper recline for newborns or it could cut off their airway) and the strap slot should be at or just below their shoulders rear facing.   Sorry, I...
Welcome! And what a wonderful surprise...congrats! Be sure to check out the due date club.
I never had any internal checks until my 6 week pp visit when I had my pap done. I requested none and my mw respected my choice.
We're not finding out the sex but this is the first time (my 3rd child) I would REALLY like to know, lol!
Awwwww, it's so awesome to start feeling movement isn't it?? I love it!! I felt lots of movement starting at 8 weeks but since the placenta moved (I think) it's not as often or as prominent and I miss it.
Same as the last pregnancy...8 weeks. I look like I'm 5 mo along though :)
DDCC. Are you wanting to do just an hcg blood test? I monitor my own hcg w/out any MW or DR by ordering my own tests on directlabs.com. Super easy, you order online, then go to your local Lab Corp to have blood drawn, results come back fast and it's affordable!! You can get other blood tests done too. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
3 weeks 1 day left til 12 weeks here :)
Yes, me too. I started wearing maternity at the exact same time last time. But I LOVE wearing my maternity...esp since I need to wear my favorite summer clothes now while it's hot.
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