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I take Green Pastures Blue Ice fermented CLO, they have flavored ones that are supposed to taste good. I used to take Carlson CLO lemon flavor and all of us liked it. Nordic Naturals is another good one.
The girls are doing great, thanks. I was able to heal dd2 from most of her sensory issues in just a matter of weeks using strong probiotics and vit D. The others have disappeared over time. I don't think that either one of them have any food allergies. DD2 has never had wheat (and I don't plan on it until she's a teen if I can help it, I think it might be detrimental to our progress).   And that's great that your dd is doing better.    
Not in your DDC (I'm in the March DDC) but yes, I'm gestating w/ food restrictions too. That sounds horrible w/ your dd! I can understand why your doing a diet restriction during pregnancy. Mine is for a couple reasons; though they are all tied together of where it all starts (gut issues). I'm doing it because I want to avoid creating food allergies/allergies (both dd's had them but dd2 had more) and to spare my baby of sensory issues or autism. DD2 had many sensory...
Yes, I believe it is hormonal related. Women also feel it before/during or after ovulation and it's mostly non-pregnant women. I've done LOTS of reading about this in the past. I felt it a tiny bit a couple weeks ago (I'm 8 weeks now). I also felt it in labor and during a miscarriage. If you want more info, pm me.
Does it sound like this?: http://www.gihealth.com/html/education/proctalgiaFugax.html
Just an idea but could it be vulvar pain? Sometimes high oxalates (in foods) can cause vulvar pain.
I just took out my calendar from dd2 to answer your post :)   I'm here to tell you, yes, it is possible. I felt movement from the inside at 9w2d (I was crouched down and must have invaded her space too much, lol). Then didn't feel anything regular until about a week later (in the exact same spot). I felt movement from the outside (from the exact same spot) at 11w6d. I also think it was how the baby was positioned because I picked up the hb on the fetoscope at 16w...
I bought mine on ebay ($15 or less including shipping). I always used it on myself. I just put pressure on it that I felt comfortable with. You'll hear your heartbeat, maybe the swish of the placenta and the fast hb of the baby. I found it at 16 weeks but that was really early.
I think I remember reading on Bee's candida yahoo group that it's better to start sooner than later doing a candida detox even while pregnant but don't quote me on that. You could post your question in health & healing too or the I'm pregnant section to get more feedback.
cameragirl-beautiful pics. And your chickens are looking great! I love chickens!! We have almost the same chicken tractor and waterer. I switched the waterer recently though.
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