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Last I weighed myself I gained 13lbs at 13 weeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by deliarose Where did you get the sweet pea diaper? That is adorable!!! Thank you It was part of my Muttaqin custom.
Nice assortment you got there Deborah! I talking about NB fluff! I've never cd a newborn. I didn't start till DD was 8 mo old. My newborn stash is done already . I've been collecting dipes since we were TTC over 18 mo ago. I don't need anything at all but I want to get another Thirsties NB cover. Off hand I know I have 2 dz newborn prefolds. 3 dz or more infant prefolds. 1 dz Kissaluvs size 0. Then I have NB covers: BSWW, Proraps & 1 Thirsties. The prefolds I got in...
I also wonder about this. I forgot the movement pattern w/ DD. I started feeling movement really early this time (9 weeks). Then I didn't feel anything for 4 days. Then I started feeling movement several times a day for a couple weeks. Now at 15 weeks, I had been wondering and slightly worrying that I hadn't felt anything for a whole week. But then last night, my sweet pea gave me a good kick...as if to say "yup, I'm still here mommy ". Oh and I have a friend who is 4...
Quote: Originally Posted by poopzmom okay you started something here. I just checked ebay and they are only $7.95. Is that right? How do they work anyway. If they are that cheap I'm just going to get one. This is the exact same one I bought from Ebay that I got today! I've read the cheapie works just as good as the expensive ones. I read too that if you cut the tubing, you may be able to hear better (sound travels less distance). I heard my hb...
I've been in full maternity since 8 weeks
Awwww...that's so cool! I just got my fetoscope from Ebay today! I going to really try tonight to use it. I've never used one and I've heard it's a learning curve to hearing the hb. I"ll be 15 weeks tomorrow and my uterus is either still tipped or starting to move forward so I know it could be awhile before I can get the baby's hb on it. But so excited to have it...so is DD
I know...I got my Netflix copy yesterday...I've never been so excited to get a movie in the mail, lol! We're waiting to see it until Thursday night cause we're having a newly-choosen-natural-birth-couple over to see it too and I think it will pysch us all up for our upcoming births (she's due 10 days before me ) DH is just *ok* with homebirth right now so I'm hoping this movie will help him be more sure in our decision. And this is the ONLY way DH would watch a movie like...
I've been feeling kicks for a few weeks now (I'm 14 weeks). I've never felt the flutters yet...always the kicks (little taps still). I love it!
Oooooh I love talking about astrology! I'm due the end of Aug and I have a strong feeling this baby will be born in Sept so he/she will be a virgo. DD is an aquarius so I know what you mean AKA PI about their personality. I'm a cancer so it took me awhile to understand how an aquarius "works". I love this website for child astrology. Here's what it says for Leo: http://www.findyourfate.com/astrology/kids/leo-kids.htm
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