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We have vaccinated on a delayed schedule.   We only do the bare minimum of what is required for school*: DTap and MMR.   My 6yo DD needed one final booster of MMR to be up to date.     I mentioned a dozen times that she was to be getting the MMR.   The doc said "She hasn't had the meningitus vax?  Or chicken pox?  Or this?  Or that?"   I say "No, and she is only to get the MMR today."     I should have checked the bottle.   *kicksself*  Anyway, the nurse gave her...
At two months my little chunker was 15lbs 4oz and 25".   Up from 9lb4oz at birth.  
Quote: Originally Posted by smeep I chose expensive short-term, but really, my issue is that THEY SUCK!!! Seriously. I used them maybe THREE times (I had two of them, so one got used twice) before I just stopped. The food just got stuck in there and it was hell to get out. I absolutely will NOT be getting them again. Ditto!!
I, for one, was very relieved when I read through the campaign. I also felt as though they were giving me hope that it wouldn't last forever. That's what came through for me the most: there is an end to the purple crying. My third baby was reflux-y and I sought help because I could tell he was in pain. My second and fourth babies were just angry 6 week olds. I don't know that it will encourage neglect either. A crying baby held in mother's arms releases...
My little guy has been waking every 2 hours to eat but this week he's started doing a 4 hour stretch at the beginning of the night! Last night he slept 4 hours, nursed and slept 4 more hours! HEAVEN!!
My 3 boys have always been very chill. My daughter was quite a high strung baby though! My oldest niece was high strung too...but my youngest niece is a very calm baby. I think it all has to do with individual energy and not the sex of the child.
My little guy only poops once or twice a day...such a change for me! My nighttime rules are the same for newborns and toddlers: if you poop, I will change you. Otherwise you get changed in the morning unless there are rash issues. We still have disposables left from our little bout with a yeasty bum rash (don't want that in my cloth!) so I've been using a 'sposie at night. Because it's a 'sposie, I butter the bum up good in bum cream and just use one diaper. ...
Lots of protein! Lots of oatmeal! I also love granola and yogurt. Snacking on nuts and dried fruits. Granola bars.
Cleaned my bathroom Slept more than 2 hour in a row Made breakfast for my kids (DD did it, lol)
It became easier for me once my older children were in kindergarten or on sports teams. I do take the babies to the YMCA Early Years Center we have near here, which is a free play center for 0-6 years or something. There are other moms there that you can meet.
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