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Congratulations on your new birds! I would definitely look into getting them a flight cage like this: http://www.birdscomfort.com/small_flight_cage.html Shop around for a good price and make sure the bar spacing is 1/2 or less. Check your local craiglist... I have noticed great deals on used cages. I have a parrotlet in a cage that size and he really enjoys all the space. It's huge! Sometimes, at first glance I can't even find him with all the toys and space. The...
very pretty! the corduroy looks looks really soft.
i have found three tablespoons of coconut butter/oil in the morning will keep me satiated through out the day. i no longer experience hunger cravings. i have been doing this for about a month and can see a lot of positive health benefits... increase in my energy level and better skin. i take mine with a cup of hot green tea. i drink lots of water and green tea all through out the day. i still eat... just not all day long nor do i think about food all day long. i use...
i have been taking three tablespoons every morning with a cup of hot green tea for a month. i don't mind the taste/texture so it's the easiest way to ensure i get the right amount. i can definitely see positive changes. my body went into starvation mode struggling with a strict elimination diet while nursing for two and a half years. i have horrible insomnia as well. all these factors seriously slowed my metabolism down. i was always tired and unable to lose any...
i have. it's not such an easy task. lots of (self) injections, blood work, dr.'s visits and ultrasounds. not to mention the retrieval is pretty serious. I did it twice for a close friend. I can't imagine doing it just because... you are extremely kind to even consider it.
http://www.isabellaoliver.com/matern...0/P/1:200:2060 congratulations!
i recently took a nutritionist course on-line and i noticed a lot of tf concepts through out the course. I think most courses will incorporate some tf ideas... you can expand on what you think is important. i would not recommend the course i took for personal reasons, but i don't want to go into detail or say anything negative in case someone else took it and really loved it. if you are interested you can pm me for details.
maybe a martingale style collar. http://www.collargirl.com/how_martingale_work.htm
kimya dawson : the sweetest and most amazing mama i have ever met!
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