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Thanks.  In my case, I attempted a VBAC and after getting fully dilated and pushing for 4.5 hrs, I had a repeat C-section.  It was necessary, and belive me I tried 1,000% to avoid it.  I had a large dehiscence from my scar, about 7 inches in diameter, with just the outer layer intact.
Does anyone have experience with pg after a near-rupture of their uterus?  Or know of a board where I can hear stories and get info?  Thanks.
Another thing to do is to have your thyroid checked. The recommended levels are much lower than they used to be, and many people suffer from hypothyroid without knowing it.
A childproof doorknob cover so she can't turn the knob, or a hllway gate to keep her from going too far would be good.
Having a DD who went through some pretty intensive metabolic testing, his situation is setting off some alarm bells for me. Maybe metabolic, maybe not, but definitely something in need of immediate attention. Has he been tested for eosinophilic enteritis? It's basically an allergy-type immune repsonse that affects feeding. The only true test I know of is an endoscopy where they take some biopsy samples and test for eosinophil level. Either way, I don't care how...
I hope things turn out well for everyone, especially your son. I am most concerned about your mental health, as your little one relies on you. You and he cannot afford for you to backslide because of the major stress you are facing. And while I understand yelling at people (I had severe PPD too), I think blaming it entirely on your ex and his mom might prevent you from developing better coping strategies as you go through this difficult journey. I know my screaming...
We did them (well most of them anyway) to check his weight and get the therapy scripts we needed for his low mucle tone and some basic metabolic testing. Since there are things that (hopefully) a ped would catch in the first few months of life that most lay people aren't familiar with (like eye issues, reflex stuff, etc.), I think it's a good idea to at least go to those and then maybe 6 months, 1 yr, 2 yr, etc.
I'm sorry they are in a tough phase right now. My only thoughts are to not take what they say personally because they are 3 and say all kinds of stuff, and to enforce that they speak nicely to you. IMO kids need to learn to treat those they love and who love them with kindness and respect, and then that will transfer to the rest of the people in thier lives.
I just have to add that I really dislike when people act like OB's make decisions based on being sued. Does it come into their minds? Yes, I'm sure it does, for many. But these are HUMAN BEINGS. They are not callous executioners. Most are deeply affected by the loss of a baby or patient and ALL remember the exact circumstances of any baby or patient they lost. It is something they do not take lightly, as death is final. I may not *agree* with what they say, but I...
The stats on uterine rupture say 34-39 weeks is when most ruptures happen. Carrying triplets puts you at well past a 34-week size uterus. I think going into the hospital and getting steroid shots to speed lung maturity is the safest thing to do. But I'm not the one in charge of 3 little lives, and with a 4th child at home. Yes, every day in is 2 days of a NICU stay saved. And even at 35-36 weeks babies can have GI and feeding issues. My only thought is getting them...
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