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My boys are almost one and two and they LOVE tv, I leave the tv on nick jr all day so they watch it whenever they feel like it, they already seem to have favorite shows!
my 21 month old stopped feeding himself right before he turned a year and didnt start feeding himself again till about a month or 2 ago so im learning how unpredictable toddlers can be lol
My 21 month old had his bottle till 13 months then his doctor told me to take it away because it was affecting his teeth, I took him to the dentist a few months later (when he was 16 months) he ended up having to get put to sleep and got 5 fillings done because of cavities. So I plan on taking the bottle away from my 10 month old right at 12 months old since he will be getting off formula then anyways... so I'm hopeful he will be holding his cup by then.
My 21 month old was a big baby at 13 months he weighed 38lbs I used a stroller as much as possible cause he was so heavy. He wore mostly onsies or carters outfits (size 24 months) once he started walking (at 14 months) he started losing weight plus he grew taller too now he weighs 33 pounds and is 35 inches long he doesn't look big anymore and he fits in all the clothes he wore last year still lol my 9 month old weighs 30 pounds and is 29 inches long and he wears anywhere...
Thank you!
@marnica I have a 21 month old son as well and he was holding his own bottle and self feeding by the time he was 6 months old and when he was 8 months I started giving him a sippy cup and he held that too without a problem and most kids I've seen by his age or younger could do all these things that why I wasn't sure if it was normal...
@cynthia yeah I meant he won't pick up food and eat it. He loves to eat if me or his brother are eating he wants some!! He just won't try to feed it to himself, he loves his bottles too as soon as he sees it he starts whining for it and I will lay him down and hand it to him I have to put it in his mouth cause he can't seem to do that himself yet same with food he will pick it up but I have to put his hand up to his mouth otherwise he will just drop it and play with it.
My boys are 9 months old and 21 months old and they are very attached to me, their dad does not live with us so they only get to see him 1 or 2 days out off the week, he gets upset that the boys are so attached to me and not him and I know its because they don't see him enough. Once hes here for awhile and plays with them and stuff they start warming up to him, but it starts all over again the following week. So maybe your husband should try to spend as much time as...
My son will be 10 months old next week and he still won't hold his bottle or cup... he will if he's laying down but not for very long. He also will not even attempt to feed himself... is this normal? Does anybody have any experience with this that you can share or advice for what I should do? Thanks in advance
I live with my mom currently and I have medicaid and foodstamps. Me and my boyfriend used to fight a lot so I moved back in fourth between my moms house and her house(he lived with his mom until the whole situation with his brother and sister in law since they live right next door to his mom he moved out) I got tired of me and him fighting so I decided to move back in with my mom and his sister in law who at the time was also my best friend got mad at me because I was her...
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