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here is a link to a brief explanation of neurological/sensory integration (sounds scarier than it is!): http://www.enkieducation.org/html/sensory-integration-program.htm   i just think it is so so normal for your son not to be reading right now. of course it doesn't seem that way in our culture. but i think it can do more harm than good trying to teach someone too early!   I just worry about your son entering school this fall not able to read!     if i find...
i have twin 81/2 year old boys who are not reading at all. they would love to be able to read, but have no interest in learning at this point. i do not force it at all. i am not worried. i wish i had some articles/book titles for you but it is very normal for a boy especially to be a "late" reader. i have a friend with 3 brilliant boys who did not start reading until 10-11 and one is an English teacher! they are some of the brightest kids i know. i think checking eye...
i have goats, chickens, ducks, and a llama. just got 2 pigs about 3 months ago. i wouldn't say they are super easy to raise. we set them up in a 1 acre pasture a bit of a walk from our house (they do smell a bit even though they are out in a pasture) and hauling out their food every day is work! i usually feed them 2-3 times per day because i can't carry out what they need only going once. my husband works at a dairy processor so i feed them mostly dairy from their "pig...
i have used soap nuts before, but maybe will try again.   alaska berry, dishwashing detergent for your hair? how did you think to try it? how does it work? i am never sure about the biokleen or 7th generation products in terms of how natural they really are. i guess i should check EWG web site. by the way, i live in Fairbanks for 3 years. '93-'96. still miss it!   lisa
love all of these ideas. thanks for sharing! lisa
so olive oil cleanses?   also, i like the idea of using coconut oil but it is so greasy and doesn't really seem to absorb well? are there brands that work better somehow?   thanks! lisa
Hi Everyone,   Hope this is the right place to post but i am wondering what you all use for these? i just looked at my 7th generation dish soap and it seems to be filled with naturally derived chemicals! any luck with more natural ways to wash? i have tried natural methods for laundry and our clothes just end up looking really dull!   thanks for any ideas you might have! lisa
hi all, i appreciate the collective insight! thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. lisa
hi, thanks so much for your replies. i have been thinking a lot about this and i think for now i will stick w/ what i am doing. at least i will know if it works! they all seem very healthy. i have upped the protein in the feed and in their extras. i also hope to get them back out on grass here soon once we fortify their coop. thanks again! lisa
hi all, we are currently looking for property to build a little homestead and i have been thinking about how much space we will need and fences, barns, etc. basically, i want to raise food for our family of 5. i would like to have 2 miniature milking goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, miniature jersey, 2 llamas, beef cow, and a few sheep and pigs. i am wondering, can they all live together??? or do i need separate spaces for different animal groups? what is the best way...
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