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Thank you, for your response my grandchildren come from difficult family situations I am not please about the way they were raised. When I have an opportunity to talk to them in person it would be better. They often act as though it is expected  that I send them presents. They are grown now so I may just send them a card and wish they Merry Christmas. I have hinted  to my daughters but I just let it go. Thank you, for your response.  Your suggestion is a good...
  Thank you Nikki,               Thank you for responding, it's not that the parents should force them to respond even a sincere phone call would            do.  A card is nice especially if they took it upon themselves to do it. I quess for now it's a hopeless case.             I'll just send them something to let them know I thought about them.                  Thank you for your response.       Atbb47
   Actually it's two rude grandchildren,(teenage) I send they gifts and do things for them and I never hear from them until it's birthday  time or Christmas etc.  I am tired of always doing and giving and I am lucky if I get a thank you. I am not remembered  at all and it hurts year after year. So I don't feel like giving anything this year at all am I wrong.
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