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I am sorry about your pets justmama
Hi everyone. I read the 2013 thread faithfully but never posted. I have learned a lot on this forum even tho I rarely post. I am Kelly, single mom to 5. My oldest is married so I have 4 at home. I just moved into our own apartment, my marriage home is in foreclosure. It feels wonderful to be in my own place for the first time. (I got married at 18 and was married 18 years never been on my own) I work at 7-11 almost full time (as many hours as j can get at barely above min...
18 years
I love that my kids do not dread coming home from school because dad is here I love that they can go online without me worrying they will see porn (he never bothered to delete his downloaded videos or history) I love that they don't have to be on eggshells all the time wondering when he would go off next I love that I can have fun and be silly and loud with my kids without the noise 'bothering' him I love that I can make whatever the kids and I want for...
if they are in very good condition I hand down shoes and/or buy second hand. They have to be new looking and I have had very good luck at thrift stores finding shoes in excellent condition 
my girls and granddaughter were at my 3D ultrasound. My son had a part in the school play and was not there but will be at the next one. 
I found an arm's reach cosleeper at Salvation Army for my granddaughter, but my daughter doesn't use it as a cosleep;er, just a regular 'bassinet' Baby sleeps in bed with her. I am going to use it for my baby but not sure if I'll use it as a cosleeper....I do have a 7 yo who sleeps with me also so most likely will use it when I get up or go to bed later for safety.  I love cosleeping
I love all these pictures!  Here is me at 18 weeks on Easter. I am much bigger than my last pregnancies but have only gained 4 lbs so far. I do not get that! 
I'm due September 6 :)
thank you for the welcome! I am so excited!! Will be so much fun to raise babies together. Odd, but fun too lol. 
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