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We LOVE Dr. Shcreck in St. Clair Shores.  She is an IBCLC and a Ped.  
Hi Morgan- I am in GPP. My baby came early (at 28wks) and we spent 9wks in the NICU at St Johns. Dr. Schreck runs the breastfeeding clinic there so we went with her for our ped. She works out if St. John Pediatric Associates on 9mile. She is hardcore on breastfeeding- and although she personally believes in a full vax schedule she hasn't pushed us at all. Breastfeeding is our number one goal with our preemie - so it's a good fit for us. I know other moms who delay...
Sarah -    Did you ever find a Ped on the eastside?  I am currently looking.  Thanks. 
Hello,  I am a new mom to a 29 wk old Preemie (born 10 days ago)  We are looking for a Ped who is delayed and selective vax friendly.  We live in Grosse Pointe Park, but willing to drive up to 20min.   Also - looking for moms to connect with.     Thanks,  Carrie 
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