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why do you think there's no need for general? It sounds pretty serious, GA might be your best bet
we had some babywearing photos done
morning yoga
the mesh feeder works really well. We did strips of food like carrots, celery, cucumber as well
It could be the added stress of going to the midwives. I had to get mine to check me at the end of the appt, because I was usually more relaxed by then.  I agree with Suzy, your BP cuff could be off or the cuff at the midwives office could be too small. If the one you use at home is an electric, there's a good chance it needs to be re-calibrated.  If your BW and urine tests are coming back okay, personally I don't see a reason to induce early. To be honest, your BP isn't...
Nothing hurt more, but I was induced and had back labour, so that might be it
I love it. Meme-check
I agree that fear mongering doesn't gain anything, in any debate. Nobody has argued otherwise.  I honestly haven't seen the meme anywhere but here, although when I google image search, it pops up everywhere.  It's a meme, it's not meant to be accurate, or morally correct or anything like that. 
I think there's been tons of discussion around the facts. Plenty of facts have been provided that they COULD have died from a multitude of things.  I suppose the question would be who does the picture belong to? the person that took the photo in a public cemetery, the family, or the cemetery? The link you provided was good, but it didn't really answer that question (to me, anyway)  
To answer your question....My husband gets/got illness related hives. When he was younger it was much, much worse (the hives+swelling were worse than the illness). Now that he's older, he still gets some swelling/hives when he's sick or under a lot of stress.The only vaccine he had problems with was the Hep B vaccine in grade 7, from what him and my MIL told me. He ended up only getting 1 of the 3 boosters. 
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