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thank you everyone!
Thank you for all the replies! 
Interested as well!
I actually never heard about that school!
Graco MyRide 65! I love that carseat! Best money we've ever spent!
Fabulous! I'm definitley going to keep this in mind when it comes time for our next baby!
We just moved to the area, so my boys haven't seen a doctor in months. My husband and I were on the fence on vaccination (meaning, we had different opinions!) we made a list and the months we'd like our children to have those vaccines, and I'm terrified how to bring it up to them! A lot of mothers i talk too, say they've gone to doctors who's rule is "not all then no vaccines"
Tonight we had steamed veggies and BBQ pulled pork sandwiches
Ham Mashed Potatoes Green Been Casserole Rolls Deviled Eggs Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cheese Sauce And I haven't figured out what kind of desserts yet!
I push my sons face into my breast so he'll unlatch, and I tell him very sternly NO! We don't bite! Then I put him on the floor for a minute, and he doesn't bite again!
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