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stand firm,calm and strong...you can do this x
hi there ladies   how are you? how is your pregnancy going so far?\ how far along are you?   I amk good,all is going well. My symptoms have eased,I am ten weeks tomorrow. this is my 6th pregnancy   good luck x
people will always have a problem with any free choice that one makes,whether it be over pregnancy,birth,or anything else. that problem is theirs and remains with them. when you are sure of your decision,nothing and no one can take that away from you.   I will post as freely as I wish here and if anyone has a problem with what I post,that is their problem,not mine. women need this forum for advice,strength and support.   faith is strong
ooh baby dust to you!!!
congrats!!!how you feeling?
I believe God gives us the gift of intuition for good reason. I love your story,thanks for sharing.
I suspect twins here too.but I am going to wait. I have had 2 previous losses,though I feel I would have experienced those losses anyway,whether I had a scan or not. for me this pregnancy is about having faith,but that doesn't mean that I would think having a scan is wrong,there's no right and wrong way about it,you have to do what is right for you. you could have a scan quietly and still not tell anyone.this is your pregnancy,this is your time.
Hi all,   I am in my 9th week of pregnancy,anyone else in the first trimester and having a faithful pregnancy?  
good point about belly still being bigger in the morning,I have that too. beautiful belly piks,I cant seem to put up the right link,but not to worry.   happy pregnancies everryone x
I am having up/uc. I am not bothered about a doppler,and I am not freaking out for not hearing my baby's heartbeat. I am having a lovely time,relaxing,pampering,trusting and having faith in my body and my pregnancy x     good luck x
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