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Just wanted to come back and update that were having a girl and not a boy! I couldn't be more excited
Yeah well 3000 is a lot to most people, I think. Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of better choices in our insurance. We pay $1000 a month in student loans and I work only part time so this is a pretty big hit to our bank account. Sounds like you guys may have it easy with your insurance coverage.
Once or deductible (also around 3700) is paid hubby's insurance pays 100% but most everything else will be out of pocket! Agh! Thank goodness for credit cards with no intro apr, right?! His insurance isn't really all the bad, just the maternity coverage sucks honestly! I just wish I had known all of this before so I could have had all of these bills that I am paying now toward that deductible. Probably with the hospital bills we can potentially rack up, they'll let us do...
Ultra- thanks for the kind words! The stress of this makes me nervous but it seems pretty well worked out! Super- ahh that is nerve wracking! BCBS (who my dad goes through) closes at 6 which is totally ridiculous! My husbands insurance is 24 hours though!
No HSA but thanks for the tip! I literally just got word today that nothing would be covered on my dads so its just really confusing! I think we're going to be doing a lot of chiropractor appointments and going to the doctor lol! We will put back money weekly too but it just sucks because if we had know this before my ultrasound we would have $500 or so already on insurance. Because I don't know if they cover labs or not! At least I'm not alone!
So I found out that 1) my dads insurance doesn't cover maternity for dependents (RIDICULOUS and discriminatory!!!) 2) luckily I can get on my husbands insurance starting June 1 (not a big deal, no more appointments until then) but maternity coverage is crap! Basically, my doctors appointments will just be a copay- no big deal, but everything else isn't covered until the deductible (3100) is paid!! Sooo it looks like our credit cards will be maxed out... Anyone else having...
I may look it up and try it! I have it constantly (genetic) and so far it has been a big issue since the baby is growing more!Agh. Fingers crossed for you, miss!
Sila- I hope you're able to wean soon! You've made it this far doing butt shots- you can totally do it! I don't even want to know how painful that is Sorry to the sick ladies- my morning sickness has come back mildly the past week. It's awful Sparkle- YES! That is exactly what it is like! Kamiro- I've been thinking about starting up Leslie Sansone again but I worry about my cyatic nerve getting screwed up :/ we mostly walk our dog every day and that is the heavy bulk...
That's so wonderful!!! Please keep us posted how this little one keeps growing!
Yep! I figure its normal and I am really at a heavy weight currently (we were going to stop trying so I could lose weight again an conceived that month lol!) and I'm very small otherwise so I know it'll be a bit before I'm showing! Once I do I figure ill be allllll baby! Haha
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