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Whew. Cookies have been taking it out of me. Almost done, almost done, almost done . . . and then we are taking an overnight to an event about Asian culture and history. Then planning with other leaders a 1-day camp/bridging. Geez, it's been so long since we thought of this, I don't even remember what we wanted to do. One more snack for Snacks badge. This week we made no-bake energy bites, and everyone loved them. Took some home for their families. Easy, fun, tasty. That...
I've been reading Phantom Tollbooth this week, and thought of you. 9 yo DD says she read it last year, but didn't know all the words, but that's kind of the point. Lots of pictures.
We gradually introduced limits. I think by 7 I was lying down w/both dds in their bed, then leaving when they were asleep. Still do that, but now (age 9 and 6) they can sleep w/o me if necessary. At first they would usually wake in the night and come into the big bed. Dd1 seems to wake more often in the night, so eventually we told her that it had to be no more than an hour before time to wake up in the AM. Some nights she would come in and look at the clock and go back to...
I asked my advanced 9 yo and she suggested the Andrew Clements books. They're not series, but thematically similar. She can't get enough of them. School Story, Extra Credit, all the titles have school themes. She also suggested Nancy Drew.
I'd second the Beverly Cleary, esp. the Ramona series.Not a lot of pictures, but some. Also Ivy and Bean, both my dds love those. (9 yo is kinda past, 6 yo is just starting to read them.) 9 yo read Magic Tree House all last year, can't remember if they had pictures, but I think they might have. Also Boxcar Children. We just started Prydain Chronicles, though they don't have pictures.
Well, that's something to think about.
My 9 yo uses the internet for searches occasionally, for school homework, sometimes watching tv shows, email, but not for social media. She started an account at. . . I think shutterfly, because she loves photography, but forgot the password and hasn't been able to get in for a long time. We installed Kidzui at one time, but weren't impressed, and some things that are appropriate can't be accessed. So I don't think anyone uses it anymore. They got a kindle fire for...
I voted for 2-4, but I'm really not sure. I remember looking at the clock once or twice, and thinking that that thing, the hands, the numbers, it was all meaningless. I was in a different place, where time didn't exist. Then again it seemed like forever.
Say it, sister!
From the mercola link: “When you’re newly vaccinated, you are an asymptomatic carrier, which is good for you, but not for the population.”   The nerve of those vaxers, exposing my unvaxed children to their diseases! How can they be so selfish? What horrid people they must be!
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