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It's called lip licker's dermatitis. If the creams aren't effective you may want to consider Elidel, which is a topical prescription medication. As for the aquaphor, you may have to reapply it hourly, and slather it on before bed.
I stopped oral contraceptive in late February, early March, pregnant in April. everyone is different.
This can be a very very very touchy subject at this time. If your schedule permits, I suggest you do some healthy cooking a few nights a week, and exercise together. But whatever you do, don't nag her about it.
Just as an fyi, the tetanus vaccines without pertussis contain thimerosal, which is a mercury based preservative.
He can't be that against it if he's aware of the failure rate with the withdrawal method and still continues to use it. Let God's will work, and during ovulation lie in bed a little longer with your knees elevated. Most of all communicate your true feelings with each other. If you attend religious services seek counseling together from clergy, or seek other means of professional counseling if affordable. there may be some other issues at play.
Thank you all for your suggestions. I have been the handwashing czar. This time everyone but the baby is sick, knock on wood. I think breastmilk antibodies are amazing. I've thought about giving my DD breastmilk, it couldn't hurt so I'll give it a try.
Hi all! I have an almost 3 year old DD, and a 3 week old DS. Less than a week after being home, I was in the NICU with my baby who was diagnosed with RSV. It's safe to assume he caught it from my daughter, who's in daycare, and had cold symptoms when we came home. Now she's sick again, with something that appears to be worse than the common cold, fever and all. My question is how can I (or can I ) quarantine my DD from the baby? My husband is trying to step in, but there...
Hello everyone. I'm grateful to have found this community. Though I am no tree hugger, I do try to provide the best foods, therapies, etc., for my family. I hope to learn a lot here, as well as contribute some too.
New Posts  All Forums: