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  I went out with one of these guys also.  Whew, not something I want to get involved in I tell ya that!
Its tough when you feel like DH won't sacrifice :(     If you can, ordering your supplements online might be cheaper.  I pay about half the price online as I do in the health food store.
I agree on having him help you get your education, sounds like a sweet deal to me.  If you own the house, do whatever you can to keep it.  Can you get a roommate to help with bills?  Watch some kiddos in your home?  Move & rent out the house? 
I tried dating and its tough!  I felt like I was either hurting someones feelings or getting mine hurt.  I am gearing up to try again :)
We get along very well and have already gone over house rules and etc.  I think I am just getting scared cold feet!     My children say they don't want to move because they will miss their friends.  When we go visit though they love it.  I have struck a deal with them to give it a shot for a few months and then make a decision. 
We are.  I just don't believe in lying.  
I'm still poor too, but getting better!  Lost the house in a domestic violence situation 6 years ago and ever since its been rough, rents & housing have skyrocketed where we live.  I went from darn near self sufficient single mom - only $100 or so in food stamps, no other welfare, owning my own home, working full time to the whole kit & caboodle of public housing, medicaid, food stamps, etc.     I am working my way off one program at a time.  I was thrilled this year...
I would buy protein powder, supplements and liquid vitamins.  Those are always the budget busters around here.  As for the pantry, I generally keep a stock of beans, quinoa, and canned goods.  
I am preparing for a move also :)     We are not taking ANY furniture with us, so it will be interesting.  I figured it would be cheaper to buy some secondhand once we get there than to move it.  Right now I'm trying to decide if we should rent a little pull behind uhaul or a trailer.  My kitchen is the biggest room packing-wise because of all my small appliances & cooking gear.  Then my children would like to bring ALL of their toys, they are not minimalists like...
I am considering a move to another state and scared!  Love to hear from others who have done it, things you wish you had known, surprises, regrets etc.   Currently, we have lived in a small town for 10+ years, I work part time and go to college full time online.   In the new area we will be living with a sibling, splitting rent - yes!!  No more being the only adult in the house!  Number one reason to move.  Better climate, a very close second!  I will be able...
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