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I experienced that too. It will pass. I ate a lot of pistachios.
I'm pretty sure they get paid. But we can't discuss that.
*bump* I'm doing a raw cleanse for this month (but hopefully it will last longer). I've done a mostly raw diet before so I feel prepared this time. I know that I want to focus more on whole foods versus going through all the work to make things that mimick processed foods. I do love making raw crackers, which are easy and simple. I'll also be making some raw desserts.   What are your favorite raw dinners? What do the kids love?   What are your favorite raw...
I totally noticed this!! I was like, wait, she was 20 weeks in October but she's had the baby and it's Christmas? And then I noticed the belly. Definitely editing.   I was also happy she put the brakes on getting married. It's a double standard where society/family expects these women to do this with little to no help and almost totally on their own whereas if they would have waited for a while, say if they were 28 and married more help would probably be offered. These...
I'm a Lake Tahoe area mama as well. I sent you a PM!
It doesn't really have an definable shape like a tattoo so I don't know that I'd assume it was one. Could you use a little foundation or something cover it more?
We are co-sleeping. :)
Although I wasn't really actively trying to night wean, how it worked for us was having Dad sleep between us. We never had to CIO.
You could put a hand full of the herbs in a 1/2 quart of hot water. Let it steep for about 1/2 hour. Strain out the herbs after they've steeped. If you have something you could put the herbs in so that you could set your butt and perenium in that would be ideal otherwise you could put it in the tub and just fill the tub enough so that you could sit in it to soak your bum (and make sure you add your steeped herbs).
Thinking about you and your babe. I feel very hopeful for you!
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