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Thank you! I may considered to go later in pregnancy. As far as i have heard is that the obky treatment is delivering baby. I see more risk in that at 30 weeks. Plus baby is growing and active etc. Right now. I have done and heard about spinning babies..next appointment i will ask my midwife what position baby is in and go from there. Thanks again!
Hello everyone!   I am planning a homebirth (third homebirth, fourth birth), and I'm due in August. The ultrasound I had shopwed a mariginal cord insertion. My midwife is not concerned, and I don't feel too concerned either, same with DH. The doctor suggested monitering the baby through ultrasounds to make sure he/she is growing properly.  I canceled the last appointment, and it felt like the right thing to do. Now, my question is, with a marginal cord insertion, if...
thank you! I will get ahold of the birth sanctuary, we live in LA county, and I know someone who use to/ or still does work there.
I live in LA county. I have had two friends who have had UC in this area, not sure how they did it, but I do recall that on the birth certificate there is a place to write people that were present at the birth if a n OB or midwife was not present.
thank yo so much for your suggestions. I think doing a UC would be the best, but if he feels more comfortable with a midwife, Idon't mind that, I just don't know how we will be able to afford it, even after insurance covers it, and Idon't want to add to our debt, we are working hard to get out of debt. I think he's come a long way since our first, so maybe this would be a good stretch for him, who knows, my family is supportive of it, my inlaws, well I don't talk to them...
thanks phathui5, the second link showed up as error on page.
thank you! you all are wonderful!
So, if DH agrees to a UC, if I tear, how do we deal with that? Does DH have to learn to stitch it up if its too big?  I didn't tear with my last two (well I did with my second, but didn't need stitches), but I'd like to be prepared for anything.
Hello everyone. We are expecting baby number 4 in August. I had my first in the hospital, and it was a very traumatic experience with us. My second and third were born at home with a midwife. We payed our second with a credit card, and still have not been able to make a single payment from it. Our third was born with a midwife that was very generous and worked with our financial hardship, but unfortunatley is not practcing anymore (sad and long story). Anyways, I...
thanks :)
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