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Looks like its time for me to go back to work....Husband thinks I need to chip in....(I wont voice my opinion on this!)  My son is non vax and I plan on him staying that way.  Does anyone know of anyone that keeps kids in their home...someone reliable and good enough....its a long shot but Ive gotta find child care before I can go back to work.     Thanks    Heartbroken mom
What part of ga?
Love to talk to you;) im in alpharetta on the cherokee co line
I still have them....they are yours...where are you located?
Thank you...did not mean to take over post :-)
Was the play group at UU part of the church or did they just meet there? Is six months too early for a playgroup? Also looking for a non-traditional, more spiritual church.
Carlton farms delivers on thursdays to fish chiropractic on hwy 92. Raw milk. I do not know about raw goats milk, I'm sure someone else here will post. Carlton farms has a website for ordering. They are out of Rockmart Ga
I had my son in feb at northside hospital. They sent me home with a bag of blue pads, disposable panties, huge menstral pads and ice packs. I don't want to give them to goodwill...don't think they could resell them. Anyone in need of these items? I am located in alpharetta near the castle house.
Bat condos! Google for more info
I have seen post about a non vax doc in madison. I don't live in huntsville anymore but I still read the post. I now live in atlanta and only found one non vax friendly doc that accepts medicaid in my area. Its a shame. One doc wanted a five grand "retainer"...and they say they don't push vax for the money Don't give up! One is out there! As far as delivery I would definatly put it in writing your birth plan. Give a copy to your doc for your medical records and have...
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