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I'm at 169 - loss of one. How come it feels like with every workout I should shed at least 14?!?
I'm 5'8" and 170. Diet is going to be hardest for me - hopefully I can stick to the workouts! I've completely fallen off the healthy wagon since the wedding.
I am new to the fitness forum - can I join? Signed up for my first ever half marathon in February (eek!)
So happy for you, max!
jam - you may want to check your tests to make sure you bought what you thought you did? Our OPK tests were explicit in their labeling not to use first morning urine [FMU], but the drugstore clerk handed me a pregnancy test the first time which you definitely do want FMU.
It is well known that yahoo overhired - many people "working from home" had actually taken 2nd jobs and were consulting/contracting on the side. The system was being grossly abused. Not that I'm entirely supportive of it, but its one clear way to send a signal that the days of double-dipping are over. Marissa is a data junkie - she analyzed VPN logins and other data sources to determine who the culprits were before passing the ban. I suspect rockstar people who need to...
Congrats loving!
I might poke around on the Berkeley Parents Network?
Congrats Cananny!
I'm so very sorry Lea...
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