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Hi!  I'm starting a serious search for a Doula in the Burlington area though we live in Morrsiville so surrounding area would be great too.  I'm hoping to meet with as many folks as I can until we find the right fit but would like to have a relationship decided within the next few weeks.  Due date is June 14th.   Please let me know if you are a Doula and would like to meet or if you know of anyone in the area that you'd like to recommend.   Thanks so much!
Hi!  Thanks for posting this.  I'm going into full Doula hunting mode this weekend so this is really helpful and I will be getting in touch.  I have two major items to address with everyone I meet.  1. Is it a right fit/does it feel right 2. Are your fees financially coherent with our budget.     I have your contact info from your website and will be getting in touch this weekend and hope we can meet soon.
Had an apt Monday and found out why I've felt so uncomfortable right across my middle.  The little guy is laying straight across (which there is much less room legnthwise) instead of vertical.  He's pushing right up against me and some spots are even getting sore.  I think he's been like that for at least a week and it's getting kind of old.  Anyone have any suggestions as to how to maybe encourage him to move out of this position?  
  I totally hear you.  I would love to leave work and not look back.  Raise the kid, be a homesteader mom, sell my crafty ventures on Etsy and freelance bake for local caterers.  But here in Vermont, our COL is really high as well and there's no way we could make it on Husbands income alone without making some HUGE and somewhat unattainable cut backs in our already pretty tightly budgeted lifestyle.  
See below...
28 weeks today!  Happy 3rd trimester to me.   I've been feeling pretty good for the most part and until just a couple of weeks ago, I did sometimes forget that I wasn't my normal self.  Though I did start getting really really awful heartburn/acid reflux with back pain and the feeling of "gargling battery acid".  Ewww...I finally caved and started taking Zantac75 and feel much better.  I take it once every other day or so when I start it coming back and it's been...
It's a BOY!!!  Sorry for the delay as our appointment was almost 2 weeks ago now.  But I just haven't been able to jump on here since.  I'm so excited for you all and certainly for our boy!  It's what I was hoping for and while I was not at all sure it was my intuition saying that's what the little guy was or my overwhelming hope, but I wasn't really thinking girl at all.     Anyway!  So exciting and congrats to you all!   Any word Kitteh!!?
Thank you, everyone, for your input.  Just to be clear though, as I get an impression from some of your responses, I am not asking because I'm a heavy drinker and want reassurance that I'm good to pound em back.  I've never been a heavy drinker but liked a beer after a long day or a glass of wine with a nice meal.  I have not had anything alcoholic during my entire pregnancy (I'm at 22 weeks now) and have, until the last couple of weeks steered clear of any caffinated...
I posted in the "I'm Pregnant" feed or whatever it's called and have gotten zero responses.  I have much better luck with you lot!  Sorry if you're seeing this for a second time as a result though.   I've read and heard from a few people who are on both sides of the fence and wondering who out there has an opinion or knowledge on whether a glass of wine a day or even every now and then (once a week or fewer) is ok or a serious no no in your book.    As this is my...
Hmm I guess since we didn't really know when the exact day of ovulation was and just went for it every few days for a week and a half or so, I guess that theory isn't too helpful in my case.  Man, the waiting to find out is killing me!
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