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PokeyAC   Thank you.   We are doing our baby dance this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday if possible.   I bought Rasberry tea, Nettle, and pomigranate teas.   I am drinking them during the day and only having one filter coffee at night.   If it works then 16 Feb will be when I do a pregnancy test if it works.   Lily Rose
Hello   We have looked in our cupboard and we already have some nettle tea. We have also tidied the cupboard up as well.   Sometimes you just don't know what you have got.   What is TTC and BFP?   Lily Rose
Hello   Thank you for your reply.  I will go and buy some nettle, red clove and red rasberry leaf tea and start drinking them instead of coffee.   Lily Rose
Hello   I am 45 and trying to get pregnant. I ovulate regularlly.   I am drinking decaf coffee about 4 cups a day and normal tea.  Both are without milk.   I want to drink more herb teas so which herb teas do I need to start drinking?   Rasberry leaf? Camomile?   Lily Rose.
Hello Lornalu   Thank you for this.  I will look at Sperm meets egg plan.  We have used conception plus from boots.  It comes in an easy applicator. My hubby has agreed to take multi vitamins as it can only help.  He has warned me to stand over him as he will forget to take them.   I am also going to have a day 21 test to see if I am ovulating as it was 6 years since I had my last one.   Lily Rose
lornalu   What is SMEP? Is it an ovulation predictor test?  I am using Pasona. I press a button on day one of my period and then pee on some test sticks when the machine asks me to. It shows me when I am ovulating.   I am also taking Folic Acid multi vitamins which is in the form of a tablet and oil capsle.   My husband is a bit reluctant to take multi vitamins as he doesn't think that they will work. He does not like the idea of taking something called Gui...
When we had a test in 2007 my husband had 70% antisperm antibodies.  We have had 7 IVF cycles.  Is there anything that he can take naturally to reduce his antibodies?   We live in Rotherham UK.   Thank you.   Lily Rose.
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