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How's your pressures at home? Right pain in side can be indicative of HELLP which can be very serious. Any headaches, vision changes like seeing sparklers or swelling (especially in hands & face.) Of course it could be baby pushing on your ribs or round ligaments but it's not something I'd overlook. You can look at www.preeclampsia.org for a list of symptoms & you can google upper right quadrant pain. Hope it's just baby pushing on you
Another friend suggested that too yesterday. I hadn't even thought of it. Great idea. Thanks!
Hi all. I have 2 un-vaxed kiddos and am 28 wks along with #3. The first 2 births were in another state and we were able to birth at a birthing center. However, I had blood pressure with both and now have moved to another state where the birthing centers have "risked" me out. So, this will be our first hospital birth. We are going to the most natural friendly hospital in the area and are with a group of hospital midwives. We've already covered our basis that we wouldn't...
Thanks for all the replies. Mamaecho - thanks soooo much for your induction experience! I was worried about going straight to pit w/out having any gentle options before it (if it does come to induction again.)   Feeling more relieved after reading these for sure. I'll keep talking to them and also will ask lots and lots of questions at our hospital tour later this month :)
I'm in NOVA :) New-ish to the area. We moved here in July from TX.
Hello. Brand new to this forum and looking for some help. We moved to the NoVa area recently and are now expecting baby #3. We had an amazing birth center experience in TX even though I had some high blood pressure/pre-eclampsia issues. The laws appear to be different here and the BC closest to me basically thought it best I didn't go with them to avoid being "risked out" at the end. (And I didn't want to pay an upfront fee and then end up having to pay for an...
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