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If the Periactian(sp?) isn't working I would give it a week or so and then call. With my DS we would try a new med and it would be very obvious if it would work or not work with in that first week. I wish you luck tho!
I hope things are getting better. I'm not sure if anyone asked and its okay if you don't want to share, I was just curious how old she is? I was just curious because I know the types of medications differ slightly with how old the child may be.
I'm not very sure about the meds,I haven't had experience with them but my sister(whom I live with) had a very similar situation with the migraines. The dr ended up putting her on Imitrex on an as needed basis. When she has a headache she takes one pill every 2 hours or so to either get rid of it or for it to keep from getting to an unbearable level. They found that she got them around her period time, or if she was very hormonal. I'm no dr, just a lowly Pharm tech, but I...
When I used mine, I would tie it before I put DS in and then adjust it so that it was about as big as my preggo belly was when i pulled the straps to see how big the gap was and he'd always fit in there pretty well. Other times I would have to get help gettig him in there. It was quite silly sometimes.
DS likes to call his aunt "LaLa." Her nickname is Lally and he tries so hard but had decided to keep it at LaLa. And he recently discovered Elmo, or as he says "Wuh-mo"
I found that some super big undies helped a lot. I had an emergency csection after pushing so I also had ice packs for "down there" and witch hazel pads. You're probably gonna want some type of lotion for the incision area cuz when it starts to heal up it may get a bit itchy. But I second all that PP said about not lifting or going up stairs. Oh! And a nursing pillow, possibly, because it can be very uncomfortable to lay baby on the incision area while trying to find a way...
Reading through this makes me slightly worried, my DS will not play on his own at all. I have to be within sight at all times or he has a meltdown/super tantrum. I've always wondered when he would become more independent or I'd be able to get any type pf chorea done but I really don't see much improvement since he was born. He's almost 20mos. I was a 100% SAHM till july and since then I go to school in the morning (9:30) and pick him up from daycare around 3. I know that's...
We have a very affectionate puppy and I had to keep telling DS that we can't give the puppy kisses like the puppy kisses us. Every time Ds tries to love on the pup he tries to lick him all over. -.-"
One of my really good friends said that about my son when she compared him to her daughter. My friend was mostly anorexic during her pregnancy and her daughter never bf or like formula much. My son was a healthy bf baby boy who weighed 7 - almost 8lbs at birth. I told her he wasn't fat, he just ate like a normal child. Even now, she feeds her daughter whatever she finds but my son is df and loves fruit
Im saving this because I'm going to be going through this very soon sadly.
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