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wow lol, and im preparing to be a teacher with special needs, but i dont think ill be working with adoslecents, although you never know. ill try the "no hands in pants please" lol
I didnt, but she told me what to tell him when he is trying to do that, to tell him is not appropiate and that will notified his mom of his behavior. She asked me if i would sit for her again and i said yes, but on the other hand i am lil worried of going back.
i dont work for any agency. I'm just a sitter. 
i watch a special needs teen on occasion who i noticed he started to touch himself continuosly like he wanted to masturbate in front of me and he wanted me to sit or be near him  while he was doing it. You can really tell he is developmentally changelled but i never thought i would see something like this on him, to me he is just a child, but his behavior said otherwise. I told the mom and she totally understood but i wonder if i want to watch her son again, m not...
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