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NEWS FLASH!  Lionbridge REQUIRES you to take the exam in 5 days FLAT, not unlimited amount of time to complete the Exam.  They suggest you study the material and practice questions they send you for ten (10) hours, as well as ten (10) hours to complete the Exam itself.
Lionbridge DOES NOT pay $14.50 an hour - it's actually $13.50 an hour.  Anyone have any types of questions they ask and are the math questions hard b/c math isn't actually my strong suit even tho I am a college graduate.
I was accepted to be able to join the team of Lionbridge Internet Assessors upon the last step of passing their Exam.  I have heard that a lot of the material is based on personal opinion,  How does an eighty percentile of a passing score get rated when it's based on personal opinion?  I have read quite a bit of negative thoughts regarding this exam.  I heard it's part theoretical questions and part practical questions.  Anyone have any information regarding the types of...
New Posts  All Forums: