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Hi there! That was awesome! I can't wait to read more of your ideas! (And yes, I have a crockpot and LOVE it!) Thanks so much!!  
Tonight we're having beef stir fry over brown rice and crusty bread.
I absolutely love this thread! I've been thinking about doing this for a while. 2 of my 4 kids are very picky eaters and one of those 2 is actually dipping underweight. They love having a hand in meal planning and I think they would really like this. I definitely want to implement a meatless day into our week, but I need to think of ideas for those!
I'm pretty new here. I'm Kim, mom to 4 and wife to 1. I love to cook and am in the process of learning to bake. My husband and I are really interested in eating healthier and setting a good example for our kids. We also want (and need) to save money. I know that eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive, but I draw a blank after that! ;) So I ask you, what is your go to healthy, cheap, and kid friendly weeknight dinner? =)
Oh I will say one thing I've noticed about TJ that I can't stand.....every single time I buy a bunch of bananas there they are bad a day or two later. It doesn't matter if they are still green when I buy them. I don't get it.
I love TJ. I get a bunch of meats there along with all of our veggies and salad fixings. I buy yogurt, cheese, and my milk there. Cereal and snacks for the kids. I love their french breads. I also love their chicken taquitos. And I always get myself a bouquet of flowers when I'm there!
New Posts  All Forums: