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Only one of my breasts "works", so right now nursing my 24 mo old I have one giant floppy boob, and one small perkier boob. It is really a weird sight. I have hopes that the will even out some when we are thru nursing....
Yay Lilac! So happy for you I'm just plugging along here. Saving a little here and a little there. I just had some car repairs done, so my car should last me another couple years, and this summer will be busy at work, so I'm hoping to bank all the "extra" money.
Yes! Finally got my tax money back, so now my EF is up to four thousand!!! I am totally stoked about that, even though I have been, how we say, not so frugal lately. I think I'm just bored of this long ass snowy winter, so I buy stuff to a.) Have something to do and b.) make myself feel better. So, I put a big chunk of refund into savings, having the suspension done on my car, and filling the oil tank (hopefully for the last time this season), and that is that. We are...
Trekkingirl, I haven't applied my WiFi tv yet, but according to my research, if you have WiFi in your home, you can use an Xbox or a WiFi compatible DVD player (80ish bucks on Amazon) you connect it to your tv with hdmi cord, and you have access to your hulu,Netflix or Amazon prime accounts. So right now we pay about 160 monthly for cable/landline phone/internet, it should end up being around 60 bucks for internet, I already have prime, and another 9 bucks for hulu. We...
Hello March! So happy to see you! Pre-Step 1: Get current on your debts and do a budget 0.1 No new borrowing. Not until we are able to buy a home 0.2 Talk with spouse and get him/her on the same page as you concerning finances. Yes, but we still keep our money seperate 0.3 Do a written budget done, but because my income I so variable week to week, it doesn't always work 0.4 Temporarily stop all retirement contributions. DP has Roth .5 Get current on all the basics...
Congratulations trekkingirl!!!how exciting!!! I, for one, can not wait for March. I'm sure it will bring lots of money my way
Oops, pressed reply too soon anyway, how do you all stay motivated during crappy months? How big is the misc portion of your budget? For the once in a lifetime things?
Well because it's one snowstorm after another here in New England, Feb is really a bummer of a month for me so far. My oldest is getting his license, which is expensive and my youngest needed some clothing, so my savings is going to suffer (I'm not taking from my mini EF, but probably not adding a whole lot either). still haven't done taxes yet, yet but have plans to do them Sunday night with our accountant friends.
Yay goldfishkate, you must be totally psyched We still haven't done our taxes., DP is totally dragging his feet. Apparently, he loves loaning the gov't our money
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