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My mother had no interest in ear piercing. But, she said it was fine if I could convince a relative to take me to get it done. So for my preteen years, my earrings were an important part of my self presentation, although you'd never guess it now.
Edelweiss: excellent! I'm so happy for you! We've had a stressful few days. My baby's poop has been a frothy bright green (think puréed spinach soup) since Thursday. I've consulted by phone my LC (she thinks a virus), family care nurse (she thinks foremilk/hindmilk imbalance), and hospital LC (growth spurt). I've tried block feedings which are not helping. He doesn't seem sick. And I'm loath to cut out foods. Also we suddenly have a mouse infestation. Our cat has caught...
LC followed up and suggested that I try reclining. That seemed to be working. But now his poop is green. Ive contacted LC for more advice.
I am shocked by how much I want another! He will never be this small ever again! DS is our 1st. I just turned 34, so I think/hope to have a 2nd before Im 40. We will wait a few years, mainly for financial reasons. I'd like to have kid #2, and I think DH is on board, as he is really angry not to have paternity leave and have missed out on the day to day of this newborn goodness. The school I want to send the kids to is in Berlin, so we've got several years to figure out...
GISDiva: what a gorgeous baby! My LC diagnosed our troubles as overactive letdown which is complicated by me being unable to feel when my milk lets down. She initially suggested hand expressing but later suggested nursing while reclining. That has alleviated most of the problems and appeals to my laziness. I'm going to give my dr a call in the morning. My headaches have gone from bad to worse. I'd be off the ibuprofen if it weren't for them.
My LC came by and diagnosed my baby's occassional screaming at the breast as an Overactive letdown. He also often gulps, chokes on milk, gets sprayed in the face with milk and has liquidy poop. She suggested manually expressing into a cup until letdown calms. I don't think I'm good at expressing, I only get a tablespoon or two tops, and baby is screaming away. I can't feel when my milk is letting down. I do often feel short fireworks in my breasts, but rarely while...
I'd like to be part, as well.
excellent, Skycheat!
Edelweiss: just 3 weeks since birth. I agree w you that your milk is best. Im glad that they are on the mend!
Edelweiss: Are they doing better today? Are they getting donor milk as well? Would that give an additional set of antibodies? Calladona: thank you for the suggestions! Have started doing more burping, which seems to help. He rarely spits up, but there are a few indicators of reflux/forceful let down. LC comes tomorrow morning. I've found that my energy exceeds my physical abilities. My walk around the park on Saturday left me dizzy and faint on Sunday. I have post op...
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