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We are surviving here. Baby clocked in at 11lbs, 2 oz at his 2 week appt this past week. I lied to dr about his sleeping habits, a 5-6 hr stretch followed by a 4 hr one, and said I feed him at least every 3 hrs. I feed him nonstop basically during the day, so it all averages out. 20% of our nursing sessions are rly frustrating. He alternates between screaming and trying to latch. And then I get anxious and stressed. My doula is also an LC, so she will come by in next few...
We put baby's vibrating bouncy seat in the crib, switched on, so the mattress vibrates. He seems to sleep better like that than in said bouncy seat or "regular" mattress.
I've got a 2.5w old baby boy who will be fully vaccinated (HPV when old enough).
How do you do a dream feed? Do babies latch without waking?
We have a pretty easy 2.5w. He was born late and is huge so he looks sturdy. Have taken him to dinners, movie, our CSA farm for a picnic, and to visit my grandmother in her posh nursing home. Today at his 2w appt I asked the Dr about taking him to nursing home and he seemed very skeptical. And very concerned about baby's immune system. We wash our hands lots, but i haven't been vigilant about insisting that others do, too. I will certainly be better about it going...
Skycheat: thank you
He regained birth weight within 1st week and feeds at least 8x a day (more like 12x).
We have a very big 2.5 week old baby. He was over 10lbs at birth, and was born at one day short of 42w. This is our first, so we are a little terrified. I nurse him on demand during the day. He has been gaining weight nicely and has plenty of wet and dirty diapers. Here is my dilemma... He is willing and able to sleep 6 hrs starting at 8pm. His dr is adamant about feeding at least every 3 hrs. (On average, he nurses every 2 hrs). I'm of the opinion that letting him sleep...
I was feeling very sorry for myself today, but aside from baby's name being mispelled on his social security card it has all worked out. And that some insect in our apt is eating me and DH alive! So our baby seems to take a big nap in the late afternoon. He nurses in his sleep through it. How do we move this deep sleep to night time? I've been feeding him every 2 hrs during the day, and if he is in his vibrating bouncy seat he can do a 4 hr stretch or 2 at night. Banana:...
How do you keep a fussy baby calm? Our little guy gets pretty feral every evening. We can calm him for a few minutes (white noise/ swinging on his side) but he then snaps out of it and starts thrashing and shrieking again. This happens even when he is well fed and has a clean diaper.
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