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Congrats Greysmama!
So funny!!! I'm dying!!
My feet and ankles have reappeared! Shoe size remains the same! I'm no longer so warm that I recoil from my husband's warmth in bed.
Please tell me about your physical recovery from Csection. Im day 10 and no longer feel dizzy.
Banana: I am enraged on your behalf! This is horrible behaviour on your family's part! Don't they know they should be bringing lunch to you!?!???? We had mixed day yesterday. Easy afternoon; took baby to movies. I nursed him through previews, and he napped for the whole film. But everything fell apart in the evening. Baby wanted to eat during our dinner, and cloth diaper service came to set us up w CD. I think there was about 5 hrs of nursing/feral crying/ tricking us...
Can you over feed a breastfeed baby? Mine has spent 4+ hrs nursing today. 15 feeds and counting. Some are 10 min long, others are 40 (about 30 one side, 10 other). He is 8 days old. Not too much time "hanging out" but most of it is active nursing. Im using an app to track things, as otherwise in sleepy fog I would forget to take my meds/ which side I nursed on/etc.
Coffee: I'm so sorry about your cat! What horrible timing.
Same issue here. He is like a fois gras goose except he force feeds himself.My incision hurts, but otherwise, aside from sleep deprivation and the never ending laundry, Im ok. DH is getting annoyed w my mother. He runs a far more efficient home than she does and is having trouble with her peculiar and interfering ways. She, rightfully so, chastised DH for leaving baby alone on the changing table, and he is terrified that she'll fall again while holding baby. Im of the...
My induction did not go as planned, but the end result was well worth it. I think what made it such an ok experience were several things... 1. DH was there w me the whole time. He was very good at asking Drs sensible questions. 2. Doula (w years of L & D nurse experience) was able to explain things again and again. 3. My dr (family care) was very supportive and was very keen on exhausting all options. OB, despite the one who did csection in the end) happened to be the...
I really have no idea how you Mamas with more than one kid do it! How do you "define" cluster nursing? Also, when not cluster nursing, how long is a nursing session? I usually aim for 20-30 min, which is usually only one breast. My baby seems to have a leisurely approach to nursing. Or he'll spend 6 min nursing, release his latch and hang out for 5 min and then reattach himself. (over and over until I get tired of this and decide it is bedtime).
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