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Fabulous news, Greysmama! maybe your sense of relief will kickstart labor.
Leigh: absolutely stunning! (baby, bunting, & quilt)
DH moved crib right along side my side of the bed. This way I can reach in and replace pacifier in middle of the night AND use crib slats to pull myself up and out of bed. I do feel fenced in, but think it is a great temporary solution that solves some temporary problems. My mother took another tumble today. Im really worried but v glad that she wasn't hurt or holding baby.
Somegirl99: I love your part of the world. I think my milk is coming in? My breasts seem to be going from national geographic breasts to Oktoberfest breasts. my poor baby has undergone about 6 costume changes this evening bc of my temperature anxiety. I've got him in socks/jersey pants/short sleeve onesie/ long sleeve sleep sack/ hat. He kinda looks like a stoner. I also had no idea how tough it would be to get in and out of bed. I don't have sharp incision pain...
We are home sweet home and I've already overdone it. We named baby Nathaniel, but I still call him "baby". He is very sweet, and seems to be a good nurser. My DH is totally enamoured and I am really happy that his anxieties in regards to fatherhood have dissolved now that there are practical matters to take care of. My mother is both a huge help and driving us crazy. She is prone to dithering and disorganisation, but is also a skilled baby whisperer. I remain quite weak,...
Here, finally, is my lil' whopper! After 3 ineffective days if induction (cervical dilators by night, and full throttle pitocin by day). Pitocin made me crampy, but never passed uncomfortable. Day 3 : with help of speculum they got a balloon dilator in me. That + pitocin got the ball rolling. After several painful attempts to break my waters, they managed to, and realized baby was looking up. Over night 4, With lots of pitocin had horrible pelvic bone pain, I kep thinking...
Dr managed to break water!
Still no baby! Balloon catheter, all day pitocin, and 2 failed attempts to AROM (w 2 sets of tools) have failed to get me past 3 cm and 75% effaced. Pro vaginal birth surgeon has been called in to try to rupture my membranes. If it doesn't work, I get dinner & c section tomorrow morning. If it does work, I can still hope for vaginal birth. Dr has said that even though I've failed to progress, how I'm failing is abnormal and unexplainable.
Still no baby here! Pitocin all day to get me to 75% effaced, and I lost biggest chunk of mucus plug yet. Another round of cytotec tonite (only thing that seems to do anything). And my membranes will be broken tomorrow morning. Baby is being very good, and none of this nonsense is having any effect on it.
Not going well! Very bored! Day 1: cervidil over night, dilation to finger tip. Slowly ramped up to max Pitocin which created regular, mildly discomfortable contx. Dilation at end of day, 1cm. Unhooked from machinery and allowed real food and walked in circles for hr and half. Annoying contx, but never escalated. Day 2: cytotec overnight which caused a lil more dilation, 50% effacement, and crampy night. Building up to full pitocin. crampier, reg contx but not painful. ...
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