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My cervix is cast iron! Cytotec got me 50% effaced, and weird contx rhythm but no serious gains. Pitocin back on, and its current lite dose is causing more discomfort than it was yesterday at full throttle! my mother flies in today and hopefully I'll have baby in next 12 hrs before her arrival.
EA: holy smokes! you did not have a baby a week ago!
This is more updated fda thingy http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/SafetyInformation/ucm330991.htm (I freaked out out a couple days ago before finding the 2012 FDA update). Walked in circles for a good 40 min, and had delicious dinner. Will shower now before the fun begins again. Last checked (4 hrs ago) I was not effaced, but baby had dropped to -1.
Congrats Ladykelacy! I had 9 hrs of cervodil and 10 hrs of pitocin, and, drumroll please, I've dilated to 1cm. Dr also stripped my membranes. They stop the pit in 1.5 hrs. I get an hour of food/disconnectedness/ etc. Tonite, they try the cytotec, and more pitocin in the morning. Doula and Dr are optimistic. There is no talk of AROM or csection yet, thank goodness.
Emcol: that sounds ghastly! I'm all tethered up in hospital. It took me about all of 10 min last night to say to husband "next baby is at a birth center or home birth!" I hate the IV. They've been upping my pit every 20 min, to no avail. The nurses are lovely so that is a huge blessing. there are a lot of comments about having baby today or tomorrow.
congrats Oregon! 40 hrs sounds like quite an ordeal!
I don't go in until this evening, so I'm lounging about trying to see if there are things I must get done.
Lady: here is to us arriving at tomorrow's inductions already in labor!
I'm bringing 2 pillows from home, tea for the morning before pitocin, some trashy books to read, snacks to keep DH's blood sugar up and cheery, several chapstick, and sea salt caramel brownies and some farmers market peaches to butter up the hospital staff.
Skycheat: I had annoying athletes foot for a few weeks and then a yeast infection. Dr prescribed one pill of diflucan and within 24 hrs both were gone. It seemed like big guns, but it was nice to quickly feel better.
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