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congrats, mama Banana and baby boy banana!
Crafty: I have an artisan sno cone place a block away from me (albeit up a steep hill). it has made every single week of this pregnancy significantly more bearable. And it is often my sole exercise, although the cookie I get there probably counter acts it. Im glad to see they help others, too.
I had a good chat w my OB (who I suspect is crunchier than I am) and my doula today. Dr was vg at explaining the process, and doula (definitely commited to natural childbirth) said don't be afraid of epidural in this case. I also found some videos of positions to try that aren't on my back. DH is being v supportive, too, so despite annoyance that it is what it is, I'm feeling quite calm.
Graysmama: that is not what you need right now! Are you getting support from family / friends to help you rest in preparation for labor, at least?
Calladona: what an amazing story!
41w today (and my 34th bday, as well). Out or pure selfishness/ concern for DH's teaching schedule, I'd like baby to stay in until Wednesday evening, making induction moot. I'm going to have lunch w my grandmother, maybe see a matinee by myself, and generally be exceedingly lazy.
This is my first pregnancy. I'll be 41w tomorrow. My OB has scheduled me for an induction when I'm 41w2d, which I am fine with. At last check, 40w2d, I was 0cm dilated, and have had no contx or anything since. Have tried to no avail as much walking as possible in 95 deg heat, nipple stimulation and sex to help things along. What did you and your care team do to make an induction as pleasant and positive as possible?
EA, Edelweiss, Mama: the suggestions on how to avoid/ease/limit induction are v helpful. I'm going to email dr on Monday asking if we can try a few of these earlier in the week instead of going straight to big guns on Wednesday night when I'm due at hospital for cervix dilation, and then pitocin on Thursday morning.
Congrats Mamapigeon! That picture is too too much!
Congrats EA77!
New Posts  All Forums: