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It might be time to invest in an frer. Maybe if something shows up tomorrow ill go get one for Thursday morning. Thanks for your input mt_gooseberry!
Congrats HeatherB and I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months! It sounds like you're still in shock a bit so ill be thinking of you that you get your head wrapped around it . Unexpected is the best way to describe what this would be for us, considering I'm on the pill. If af doesn't come, I'll have to chalk it up to my pill not being a strong enough dose of hormones because I had breakthrough bleeding last month and I take my pill within the same hour everyday.
My 11dpo fmu test. I see something do you?
Here's this morning's test. I'm 11 DPO so in reality, that positive looking test would be way early on what was it, 9 DPO but they should really start showing up soon. Of course I squinted at this for an hour but within the first 2 minutes I swear I saw a little pink and I still think I see something. I'll be testing again tomorrow lol. Fresh stock of tests today from $tree. Any news for you MeanVeggie?
What type of test did you take? Maybe you have a shy bean but do update if you find the time if af comes! I'll be thinking about you! And I sure will post it! Morning can't come fast enough. I'm in the same place as you as far as being relieved/ happy one way or the other.
Thank you both for looking at it! I'll be taking my next test at 11 doo tomorrow morning! No we weren't trying haha. I'm actually in the middle of school so I kind of need to know ASAP. My DH doesn't know what to think lol.
Thanks for the input crazyms! I'm getting sweaty palms over here. Took another test this morning with fmu and I see something again. I think I'm going to try an frer tomorrow morning!
Haha I know what you mean! This isn't the first time I've freaked out over it, not surprisingly . I do keep questioning whether its for real. I keep poking my bbs and then I'm reminded that nope, that's definitely real. And cramps, they're definitely real and still here lol. This is the first response I've ever gotten on a test besides it being stark white, whether evap or otherwise. Any new stuff for you MeanVeggie? And no we have no children and no previous...
I may have posted this too late last night I'd really appreciate any input!
I know I said I'd wait, but I happened to find dollar tree tests today and I never do! So here's what I got at 9dpo. Can you see anything? Evap or BFP? This aren't notorious for evaps....I don't want to get too excited. Here's the link to the pic. http://www.canyouseealine.com/view_home_pregnancy_test.php?testID=24932
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