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So, how do you all feed the babes chicken and other meat, size wize I mean. I want to feed griffin chicken but I don't know how to give it to him, since he wants to feed himself. He has no teeth. Actually, two are coming up. Also, if you feed them fom your plate, then they are getting salt, butter etc? For example, I want to make a stew. There will be salt in it and oil from frying the veggies..how bad is it that he will get some salt and oil in his diet? I really want...
Well, to revisit the super fun game that Papa likes to play with Griffin; right after I wrote that post, a few hrs later, griffin started frothing at the mouth and gagging..nothing in his mouth...his dad was like oh, it's nothing..of course a bit more gagging happens and I do a mouth sweep and what do I come up with? Yup. A bunch if chunks of phonebook paper that he'd swallowed and then gagged back up. Sigh. It gave me actually, a slight bit more confidence that he won't...
Thanks wrenmoon, I needed to read that as I lay beside Griffin who won't nap without me beside him, while I think of all the stuff I "need" to do. These days I feel overwhelmed by the tasks of motherhood and feel like I every mom I see can do it better than me. Sigh.
My boyfriend started a new favorite game for griffin and that is to let him shred the old phonebook (which makes perfect fire starter for Woodstove) but Griffin LOVES it. Anyways, he tries to stuff it all in his mouth and eat it. Pretty sure if I left him alone with it, he'd poop out shreds of phonebook paper.
Hahaa! I saw a hair on Griffin's bum and went to get it but ended up pulling and pulling and pulling..yup. A 6incht long hair off of MY head that he had obviously swallowed and went right through....I pulled and pulled very slowly and out came the full hair. That was gnarly.
Griffin also eats several oz twice a day. He really likes feeding himself though (not that a lot goes in when left to his own devices) he also gets the same look wrenmoon and rainbownurse mentioned. I'm sort of nervous about choking when he feeds himself so I try to steam stuff to texture and size they suggest in baby led weaning. But with that said, do you all feed your babies from your plate? And if so, how do you navigate the oil, butter, salt, etc used to cook meals? I...
And do you cut it up for him or just let him get into it?
Rainbow, how do you make the egg, like, scrambled, boiled, poached?
Griffin wasn't interested in solids until about 1week ago, (he is 7 months). I offered to him every day since 6 months and he was so not interested that I stopped and just nursed. Waited 2 weeks and then bam! All he wants to do is eat. And nurse all night long, sigh. I made a concoction with squash, yam, broccoli, carrot blended in bone meal broth and mix it with rice cereal and he loves it!! Waiting that two weeks seems to have changed everything. I'm also trying to do...
I still don't have a period and I'm with cynthiamoon on this one! The last thing in this world I'd want to be is pregnant right now!!!! No freakin way. I think one of the reasons my hormones are so not sexy right now is because I feel allergic to the idea of having another baby. One is great and good enough for now! I've always wanted two but I feel chaotic with one..I have no idea how anyone can deal with more than one. I just don't get it.
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