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I use cloth pads, gladrags or similar, I put witchhazel on some inserts and stuck them in the freezer in a Ziploc bag. They were heavenly for the first week. I would just set them on top of my cloth pads. I used the disposable hospital pads while at the hospital, but cloth as soon as i got home. I did wear the disposable underwear for a few weeks. One of the nurses told me they were washable, so I'd throw them in the wash and dry them with my cloth pads.
I have fairly large breasts and traced a cd as a pattern.
I made mine with 4 layers of t shirt and one of flannel. They are quite absorbent. If I'm worried about leaks I fold up a baby wash cloth and add it on the inside to increase absorbancy.
So so sad.
I made double layer wipes, with a combo of old t shirt fabric, flannel, and birdseye diaper fabric. I sewed the pieces together a 1/4 in. And then cut with pinking shears.
Mrsandmrs: that's great advice to try the possible allergenic food in the morning. Thanks! Baby led feeding looks fun! We'll probably do it some as well as pureed food since we'll be getting it free. I'm still not sure about the meet. I eat meat less than once a day. Jennyanydots, I don't think A is ready either. She doesn't sit up well yet and seems satisfied with breastmilk for now. Its funny how the feeding recommendations keep changing.
Avi is not even 5 months yet and we are planning on waiting until 6 months for solids but I'm starting to think about it. Avocados are usually good first foods but my husband is allergic (not anaphalactic just diarhea.) He has the same reaction if he eats more than a little egg. I have been eating both things while nursing and haven't noticed a reaction. Does that mean she'll not be allergic? I'm going to ask her doctor at her 6 month appointment too. I nannied and fed...
Welcome! I hope his stomach issues get figured out.
I have eczema. It gets worse if i use shampoo or "soap" with sodium laurel sulfate. I use dr. Bronners for shampoo and hand washing and its much better. Also are you moisturizing her skin a lot? I like coconut oil or "eczema calm" by Moon Valley Organics. Occasionally i use prescription steroid ointment when its really bad. Scratching also makes it itch more. So that might be part of your LO's problem. Will/can she wear socks on her hands at night? I have no idea...
Mr Hollands Opus is a good one too.
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