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Freckled that is awesome!
It seems like lots of us are pretty close. I'm now 40w2d, I think. I was due tuesday. No real labor signs for me though. My blood pressure was a little high at my last appointment so now I'm doing twice a week for ultrasounds and monitoring. I think my dr will want to talk induction tuesday. Hopefully i will have gone into labor by then...
Congrats and what a cute addition to your family!
Congrats! I'm glad things went well.
Congrats to you and your family!
Good luck aiden!
Tilly that seems totally wrong. Does he work at a job that qualifies him for family leave? A lawyer sounds like a good idea. So sorry you have to deal with this now. Last year I was let go from a job in a totally bad way. They fired me because i wanted to be paid overtime and above minimum wage... Filling out the paperwork for unlawful termination was pretty easy. I did it online. At the last minute i decided not to go to the mediation as they were former friends and...
Momzilla-that was a great article thanks. Despite disliking the uncertainty just because i can't plan anything, I'm feeling patient about the actual time of birth if that makes any sense. I wish i knew so that i had a date where all the cleaning and prep had to be done. My husband and I are good procrastinators... so a deadline is helpful. I myself am cleaning and resting mostly. I have to get postpartum supplies for myself. And am thinking about making some reusable...
So I will be 39 weeks on Tuesday and started maternity leave this past Friday. I have plenty to do around the house to get ready but I'm also getting antsy about when the baby will be born. Not knowing is super hard for me. How are you all handling the waiting? What are your plans to pass the time?
Wow! What a quick labor. Contrats to you and your family. He's adorable!
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