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Everyone's bellies are amazing! Its fun to see how much they have grown. Here I am at 38 weeks.
Letnia- that might have been it. It was super watery not at all like my normal CF. Vc- that sounds like good advice.
Vc me too. I'm worried I won't know when its time. I've had two dreams where we leave the baby at home alone instead of taking it to the doctor since in the dreams the baby is sick. I don't really know what labor will be like so that uncertainty makes me anxious too.
The foot print blanket is super cute!
Congrats! I'm glad you were able to get home when you wanted.
Jenny- that's what I'm afraid of now. Not knowing when its actually time. Bromache-2 more weeks would be good here too. Time to finish getting the house in order and enjoy a little maternity leave. Mexiflower-I had the baby stuff in the bag but nothing else until this happened...
Congrats? What sweet pictures.
Bromache, mine too.
Yep bags are packed! So that's a plus. :-)
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